About Ardroid

About us

Ardroid.com is the No. 1 source for smartphone users in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) providing information, news, and reviews for Android-based smartphones, tablets, wearables, and more in Arabic.

Ardroid.com was founded in 2009 and built a strong community and brand in the Arab World over the past 7 years, and became a top influencer in the Arab tech community by breaking exclusive news and being the first to report information our readers care about.

The Arabic language is becoming more and more important all over the world especially in Europe. Smartphones are the most important device for connected people to stay in touch. Here is where ardroid.com taps in: helping people make the right decisions for the biggest Smartphone operating system in the world and its devices.

Quick Facts

✓ Founded in 2009
✓ #1 Arabic speaking Android blog
✓ 2,000,000+ followers on social media
✓ 71,000+ community members
✓ 70% read Ardroid on Mobile
✓ Expanding to Europe


Ardroid.com offers organic advertising through sponsored posts to companies interested in reaching our unique readership. We only run reviews of hardware and software that we deem interesting to our audience.

For more information on advertising opportunities please contact us at: [email protected]